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When bots were a thing on Discord, we loved using them fiddling with every feature trying new things to spice up our servers. After some fiddling around and trying new things, we found out that Discord bots were limited and didn't offer what we were looking for. I personally loved discord back then for the bots they were unique bot now they are not, more or less a copy of other bots. Till we started project HQ|one.....

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Forever Priceless

Forever Priceless.

HQ|One is not only priceless, but also quite literally price less. HQ|One is free to use, and free to update. Forever. And yes, sharing is caring, so feel free to share with your friends...for free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the bot play music by it self?

Our bot has two types of playlist a public and a private. To create your own private playlist do Bset write URL leave a line for every URL. Our bot will play from the auto playlist when no songs are queued..

Bot stopped playing audio?

Some times our bot may get stuck Have you tried Bstop and Bplay again? please wait maybe the bot is downloading the song, if it still does not work please contact support, we will take a look. This bot is very fresh meaning its not perfect.

Do you host the bot 24/7

We try to host it 100% of the time, with features like auto-update you will be sure you will never see the bot offline unless we are upgrading hardware or network outage

What is the prefix and how do i change it?

Prefix is B. This can Not be changed... We may consider in the future allowing you to change it as prefered.

What are the commands?

Just type Bhelpand the commands should come up.

What makes this bot better than other bots

That is a very good question, this bot provides the best in class music quality UHQ.Gets regularly updated with new features, with every update you will be sure to find out that the bot is always fresh.



Image of daniel aka Fighterman

I'm the lead designer and the manager. I aim to make any HQ product the best while being unique in its own way, I'll rest when so is done. My standards were too high causing previous developers to quite.


I'm One of the HQ developers in the HQ family, I am a programmer but not just any programmer, I aim beyond expections. I mainly code Javascript/Node.js with 2 years of previous experince.


I'm one of the the HQ developers that aim to deliver the best and the smoothest experience of our bot.
I mainly code Node.js with 3 years worth of previous experience.