Music commands

Command Description
Bautoplay Disables/enables autoplaylist
Bdj-role<@role> Sets up the dj-role in the server
Bplay Adds The Song To Queue
Bpause Pauses Song
Bresume Resumes Song
Bskip Skips The Song
Bunskip Unskips the most recent song
Bclear Removes Queued Songs
Bstop Disconnect From Voice Channel
Bqueue Show Queued Songs
Bset Sets a custom queue for Autoplay
Bhq Sets channel's kbps to its highest
Bprogress Shows you current song duration
Binvite Generates an invite for HQ|One
Bloop Loop current queue
Btemp Creates a custom infinite channel
Blyrics Displays current song lyrics
Bsupport Invites You To The Support Server